Former Deputy Asks to Purchase “Lucky” Gun He Carried for Almost 30 Years

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Posted: Friday, July 11, 2014 10:18 pm | Updated: 2:16 pm, Mon Jul 14, 2014.

ECTOR COUNTY - For almost 30 years, one Ector County Sheriff’s deputy carried the same shotgun that he was issued on his first day of the job. Now after retirement, he is asking to purchase his “lucky” gun from the department.

“This is Texas you have to have your gun,” said former Ector County Sheriff Lieutenant Roy Gladden.

For almost thirty years Gladden says he had the most loyal partner of all, “it’s a model 670 Wingmaster Remington.”

Gladden has shot with the gun his entire career at the Sheriff’s department, even shining it with the original rag every chance he had to make sure it stayed in pristine condition.

“If you leave fingerprints on it, it will rust, and I wanted to make sure that it was in good shape. For a gun this old, there’s not any more rust on here than the day that I got it,” said Gladden.

But after almost three decades of hard work with the Ector County Sheriff’s Department it was time for Roy to retire his badge, but not without his trusty gun. “It’s getting old, and I think it needs to retire too,” said Gladden.

Now after a year of retirement, Gladden has asked the Ector County Sheriff’s department for permission to purchase the Remington 670 Wingmaster he has always held so close. “I think the gun is really lucky, I never had to fire it on duty, I never had to use it in any type of situation, it was pulled a few times, but I never had to use it, I think that’s really lucky.”

On Monday the Ector County Commissioners will make the final say as to if Gladden can officially purchase the gun. According to Ector County Judge Susan Redford, this will be the first time anything like this has ever happened.

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